Nowadays, Organizations ride on multiple database management systems and the amount of data stored is flourishing by the day with fast access to data. ROX offer virtualization solutions based on the clients requirements by analyzing their server architecture. Our solutions offer ideal testing environment, increases performance and curtail cost. Our team experts assures of high quality of service facilitating your business decisions.ROX virtualization assessment service helps you to determine where to start, and build a plan for rapid deployment of your virtualization project. We map application dependencies and identify Server consolidation and sever virtualization opportunities. We use tools for Application discovery and use the data to analyze your servers and applications, thereby drawing up the priority targets for virtualization this will help to reduce IT Costs and increase control through Server consolidation and virtualization. Through which we can centralize your server management and systematize your data center. This eliminates over-provisioning and results in better server operation.


Desktop and application virtualization are increasingly popular approaches that organizations use to reduce desktop IT costs, improve efficiency, increase control, and expand connectivity. With virtual desktops, users can access their desktops hosted on data center servers through thin clients, smart phones, and other devices. Although desktop virtualization has existed for many years, many implementers of the technology have discovered that significant hurdles need to be overcome to fully reap its benefits. ROX offers the Simplified, scalable and converged Architecture for Desktop Virtualization to clients. Our technical experts addressing the challenges commonly associated with desktop virtualization, cost, complexity, and performance with scalability and offer best-in-class virtualization technologies and solutions. These solution architectures can address IT environments ranging from SMBs, to large enterprises, to service providers, offering a quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective approach to virtual desktop deployment with reduced risk and higher performance with scale.

ROX Desktop Virtualization solutions Offers

  • Delivers Desktops and Applications through a Single Platform
  • Supports a Rich, Adaptive User Experience
  • Secures Data and Simplifies Compliance
  • Simplifies Desktop and Application Management