Unveil SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition with ROX, your all-inclusive cloud ERP solution designed to empower your business with the latest industry-leading practices and a continuous stream of innovation.

  • Embrace industry best practices with preconfigured processes which are best-fit for your business.
  • Innovate on-the-fly, reshaping models and workflows for unique breakthroughs.
  • Go live confidently using proven guidance for speed and agility.
  • Seamlessly scale by adding customers, markets and products minus complexity.


Experience SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, amplified by ROX for optimal performance and innovation. Unleash the tailored business processes and controlled cloud transition for seamless growth.

  • Tailor processes, transition securely to the cloud at your pace.
  • Drive growth with industry-proven processes and sustainability integration.
  • Maintain control by pacing innovations and aligning cloud choices.

Tools used to accelerate and amplify efficiency

Spend Management

Empowered by ROX, SAP Ariba evolves into a dynamic cloud-based platform, redefining procurement, intelligent spend management, and supply chain services across enterprises of all sizes. Bundled with strategic modules, it seamlessly handles supplier management through advanced spend analysis for purchases and contracts, catalysing streamlined processes, uncovering potential savings, and forging a robust supply chain from a singular, verified data source.Enter an era of digital collaboration and virtual transactions with suppliers and partners, as the combined prowess of SAP Ariba and ROX guides your enterprise's transformative journey.

Intelligent & Sustainable Enterprises

With ROX's exceptional integration prowess, SAP's holistic approach takes flight, seamlessly fusing cutting-edge technology and intricate business processes. This synergy generates not just value, but transformative power for your business, guiding your customers towards the pinnacle of being Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprises.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Offering a comprehensive array of cloud services, GCP stands on par with the leading global cloud solution providers. With our expertise, we can assist you in tackling intricate business challenges and uncovering new opportunities using GCP solutions.

By harnessing SAP on GCP, organizations can enjoy enhanced agility, reduced operational complexities, and the capability to seamlessly oversee and expand their SAP applications in alignment with their business requirements.

  • Modernize SAP systems and applications
  • Extract insights from SAP data to drive innovation
  • Develop a deeper understanding of customers
  • Automate business processes using machine learning

Lead with BigQuery for SAP

Lead the way with BigQuery for SAP, empowering your organization to conduct advanced analytics on SAP data without requiring extensive migration expertise. Tap into immediate insights and opportunities within your business data, enhancing your existing SAP investments and gaining fresh perspectives. Modernize data analytics, integrate diverse datasets, and construct predictive analytics models using BigQuery's powerful machine learning capabilities for optimized outcomes.

Expand with BigQuery ML for SAP

Expand with BigQuery ML for SAP and harness the potential of AI/ML integration with SAP data to unlock profound insights. This approach addresses challenges in deploying ML models swiftly and simplifying technical processes. Google Cloud's BigQuery ML offers streamlined model creation on structured/semi-structured data using SQL, with notable use cases including demand forecasting, e-commerce recommendations, credit card fraud detection, and customer propensity prediction.

Expand SAP Workload Migration with Google Cloud

Unlock advanced analytics potential within your SAP data through BigQuery for SAP. Elevate your investments by consolidating enterprise data and seamlessly integrating robust datasets with cutting-edge ML capabilities from Google Cloud. Modernize analytics, simplify analysis with diverse datasets, expedite real-time insights via data warehouse migration, and construct predictive models using the power of BigQuery’s ML capabilities.


SAP on Google Cloud is a collaborative initiative by SAP and Google Cloud, offering organizations a robust cloud platform to unlock value from their data ecosystem. This partnership yields comprehensive data solutions, strong analytics, and advanced AI co-engineered by SAP and Google Cloud, fostering insights and innovation. It facilitates seamless data integration regardless of source, structure, or volume, while empowering businesses to address complex challenges through data analytics and AI. This synergy promotes innovation, aligns with SAP workflows, and enables co-innovation, solidifying SAP on Google Cloud as a transformative solution for data-driven success.