Training & Awareness

The nature of Information Technology has always included the inherent risk of security breaches and vulnerability to potential harm by others. Even though technology, the internet, and other digital innovations have brought us significant increases in productivity, they have also caused us to leave more doors open for potential risk. ROX attempts to lessen the risk by creating awareness using Presentations/mailers on Risk & Compliance Awareness.  There is an increasing amount of technology to defend, and even with the improvements in security prevention methods, there are still plenty of successful attacks that majorly impact organizations.  This reality has always encouraged us to focus on developing a Risk Management approach, but if not designed and implemented correctly, it can leave the organization vulnerable to security breaches due to non-compliance requirements.

Digital Library ( Configurations & Documents on Implementations)

The management of IT products has become much more complex since the days when the corporate user had one PC on the corporate LAN running a small number of applications. These days, users employ a range of applications on their PCs, laptops and handheld devices, each requiring support. The complexity is compounded by the increasing number of corporate users working on the road or in remote offices that are beyond the reach of traditional LAN-based management systems. With more systems and more applications in more places, budget-constrained IT departments face a considerable challenge.

A few simple ways to manage and maintain these IT products are:

  • Discovering and Tracking Hardware and Software
  • Software distribution
  • Help Desk support
  • Image Updating, Retiring Assets and Migration

Case Studies

Using innovation to create competitive advantage. Our case studies focus on how ROX has taken an integrated approach to research, development and manufacturing to drive its business. Identifying and creating new markets.