About Us

ROX is governed by an upside-down organizational chart that places our customers on top, our sales force second (as the most direct link to them), and everyone else at their service. From the ground up, we are driven by our ROX employees, so at every level, there is an incentive to succeed and deliver the very best products and services. We believe the only way to build lasting success for our extended family of employees is to help our customers succeed.

ROX, by choice, is not trying to be the biggest IT Integrators on the planet; instead, we are determined to be the best. Raising the bar of performance is intrinsic to our culture, that whether it is research and development of new solutions, sales, or service, ROX looks for the “Best way” to implement it. Because, we are driven to be the best in everything we do, our niche is to provide high-performance, long-lasting IT solutions to every market we serve.

Our ability to adapt to change is another integral part of our continued success. ROX has evolved over the last decade from our roots as a simple Business Partner of IBM to today’s position as a well-known player in the IT segment constantly delivering innovative solutions and technologies. We are continuously exploring new opportunities to leverage our core values across new enterprises that will provide added value to existing customers and open new doors.


Headquartered in Chennai, INDIA. ROX meets the Information Technology solutions needs of our clients and partners. A leading system integrator, ROX provides consistent processes and tools combined with the right skills at the right time and place. We build IT solutions that fit your unique requirements with a complete breadth of distributed IT solutions including IT Consulting, Enterprise Computing, End-User Computing, Managed Print Solutions, Network Services, and Cross-Functional Services.

ROX has over 15 Years of combined industry experience providing Information Technology Solutions built on innovation, expertise, independence, and flexibility. Our mission is to deliver quality Technology Solutions and Professional Outsourcing Services that provide true business value to our clients, enabling them to achieve their desired goals and initiatives. We design our flexible and collaborative solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients and partners.

We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, including leaders in Fortune 1000 companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, real estate firms, legal firms, health institutions, universities, original equipment manufacturers, global system integrators, and equipment resellers. Drawing on deep industry expertise and customized solutions, we blend strategic designs, using proven technologies, and world class support capability to create effective solutions that maximize your returns on IT investment.


Our Vision

ROX will be a world class organisation that enhances the quality of life with tech – solutions that are both innovative and beneficial to all the stakeholders.


Our Values

We firmly believe that our strong commitment to honouring our core values is directly linked to our success and continued growth.